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22nd November 2014, 10:40
Moving on from the Amstrad's, the C64's and the ZX Spectrum, today we are going to look at a rather cool retro based console sent to us by funstock.co.uk, who previously sent us the Commodore 64 : A visual Commpendium. This is the Super Retro TRIO developed by Retro-Bit; an impressive looking (NES / SNES / Genesis/Megadrive - 3 in 1 System ), that can play those old console games without actually having to switch consoles.


21st December 2014, 09:28
Was going to buy from them but might give it a miss now.

21st December 2014, 13:25
Thanks *very* much for this review - it was very enlightening, not just about the product, but about the service one might expect as well, considering the update that was added at the end. I very much appreciate honest write-ups like this, and I'm sure others do, too.

I did notice that you tried an unusual NES game, though - the Codemasters NES titles sometimes used undocumented behaviours of the system, and clone or emulator-based consoles typically can't run them. That said, this is probably moot, since it was also noted that no other NES titles worked, either. Still, it is worth noting that the Codemasters titles may not be the best test-subjects. ;)

21st December 2014, 19:22
i've never had any problems with my Yobo GNTwin (NES/Genesis) and though i've never tried the RetroN ones from Hyperkin, they look quite good and appear to be fairly popular.


24th December 2014, 15:57

24th December 2014, 19:57
this is basically the 'corporate' mentality....doesn't matter if they are selling crap..they just want to be able to sell it...period.

seems to be slowly but surely becoming 'buyer beware' again, especially as the return shipping on items is usually high enough you don't want to return it when its been bought online, and they all know it....

cheap online prices are great, until something comes defective.....or just plain garbage.... :/