View Full Version : 1541 Ultimate-II - Is this the ultimate device for a C64/128? [Hardware Review]

9th January 2015, 11:00
Here it is as promised! The big 1541 Ultimate-II review!


With every review that we had done last year, from the C64SD to the SD2IEC nearly every bit of feedback we've had from our readers so far is, "you should get a 1541 Ultimate!". So thanks to Gideon of Gideon's Logic Architectures we now have that device and tape adapter in our hands for a very special review



9th January 2015, 13:23
Nice review :thumbsup:. U1541-II is a great piece of hardware.

9th January 2015, 13:39
Nice review :thumbsup:. U1541-II is a great piece of hardware.

Thankyou :)

We've had a lot of positive comments from readers today, even the developer which makes us happy :D