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2nd February 2015, 23:11

Hello All.
Here is some basic information on Microbee Technology Pty Ltd.

Microbee Technology is an Australian company and the home of the Microbee computer range.
The Microbee (see Wiki - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MicroBee ) started out as a kit computer
based on the Z80 in February of 1982. It was launched in Australia's 'Your Computer' magazine
with a 32 page lift out. Microbee Systems (as it was then) made a large impact on the Australian
education market and a lot of kids grew up using Microbees in school.
The original Microbee company (Applied Technology / Microbee Systems Ltd / Microcorp) traded
until 1992 when the influx of IBM clones swamped the market. More information on the history
of the company can be found on the About Us / History pages of our website <here> (http://www.microbeetechnology.com.au/aboutus.htm).

In 2012 Microbee Technology relaunched the famous brand with a limited edition kit computer
based on an earlier model - the Premium Plus, running CP/M but with the addition of SDcard
floppy emulation, ethernet, extra ram and a secondary processor (Freescale Coldfire M52259) to
run uClinux (http://www.microbeetechnology.com.au/premiumpluskit.htm).
We also have a range of peripherals for these older models.

Microbee Technology has 2 main streams of business - current tech development boards, and
retro technology.

We are based in Melbourne, Australia.
Web: www.microbeetechnology.com.au (http://www.microbeetechnology.com.au)
F: www.facebook.com/MicrobeeTechnology (http://www.facebook.com/MicrobeeTechnology)
G+: plus.google.com/+MicrobeetechnologyAu
Tw: www.twitter.com/MbeeTech (http://www.twitter.com/MbeeTech) (@MbeeTech)

3rd February 2015, 21:24
Well nothing is more Retro than a "build it yourself" home computer.

4th February 2015, 22:06
Definitely interested in a kit. Subscribed to e-mail newsletter.

28th August 2015, 12:09
I remember my sister's ex-boyfriend brought around to our house a "beemodem" which he used to show us how he connects to a BBS. It had a picture of a bee on it, and I think the serif font was lowercase.
I'm sure it was the same logo that your company uses. I'm suprised that you are still around.

23rd January 2018, 12:18
Loved these computers. Grew up with them at school and learned to program in basic. Remember the 3 inch drives as well!