View Full Version : Atari STE Computer - 4Mb - TOS v1.62 - Refurbished

17th March 2015, 22:52
Atari STE computer-
- 4mb of system memory
- TOS v1.62 (Other versions can be installed on request - different languages too)
- GEM v0.17
- AES v1.40
- Great Britain
- Good DMA chip (I've also tested this computer with the UltraSatan without any problems)

Other items:-
- Power cable (available on request only)
- RF aerial cable to connect the Atari ST to a television (available on request only)

Refurbishment includes the following and more:-
- Cleaned inside and out
- Floppy disk drive heads cleaned
- Keyboard joints for the joystick and mouse re-soldered
- Power supply checked for aging capacitors and changed where required
- Motherboard and keyboard motherboard checked for aging capacitors and changed where required
- Format / verify / read and write test
- Soak tested for 12 hours
- Display clear on RF and monitor
- External floppy disk drive connected and tested
- UltraSatan device connected and tested
- Printer connected and tested
- 100 pass memory test
- All screws present

- No breaks or cracks to the case

All Atari units are sent out double packed for extra protection - I am very mindful that these units are not smashed in transit to you!

Price: 100.00 + postage
UK - 15.00
Europe: 40.00
Rest of the world: POA