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5th August 2015, 09:06
Hi all,

I was clearing out my attic recently and found a stash of cover floppies from Archimedes World. It seems a waste to chuck them away if someone might have a use for them so they are available for just the cost of postage. There are 46 cover discs randomly scattered across dates from 1992 to 1996, and 3 discs of AW clip art.

I don't have any hardware capable of reading these so I don't know if they still work but I don't have any reason to think they don't - there's no physical damage or anything, they've just been sat in a box.

First class postage is 7, second class is 4.

- - - Updated - - -

If it helps I used them with an A4000 back in the day - I suspect they're not RISC PC compatible but I don't know a lot about RISC PC.

5th August 2015, 10:57
Declaring interest! :) I'll gladly take them, I have an A4000 that has been entrusted to me for safe keeping by a friend - but has little software. So we can both make really good use of these disks :)

Will send you a PM very soon. Cheers! :)

5th August 2015, 19:57
Great, send me a PM and we'll figure it out!

5th August 2015, 20:25
Fantastic! :D Already PM'd you, let me know if you don't receive it and I'll resend.

Thank you! :)

11th August 2015, 18:28
Declaring interest

11th August 2015, 19:56
PMs exchanged and payment sent - I'm happy to say the disks have arrived already!! All safe and intact. Thank you so much :)