View Full Version : Closed ZX Spectrum +2 Ram Chips and Interface 1

26th September 2015, 17:39
I am looking for some

Zx Spectrum +2 Ram Chips.

Chip is marked AM x 4 . Spectrum has band of black and white or red and black when powered on.

one of the ram chips is very hot, so I removed it. Looking for replacement ones,

Also need 40093u chips as this is faulty too.

(got a +2 for parts and managed to get one working from the two and I identified the faulty chips... )

Also looking for a Sinclair Interface 1 for my Spectrum 16K.

26th August 2016, 14:42
Found these items...

Can you please close this thread.

26th August 2016, 14:57
Here or elsewhere?

26th August 2016, 15:34
I found them on Fleabay..