View Full Version : Closed Software for DCS/Tron Digidrum for C64

18th May 2016, 20:08
I got this thing:

I bought it complete in box and I thought the software was on the cassette. But, when I finally found a working Datasette for my Commodore, the cassette only had a commercial of the Digidrum and some examples how it should sound.

I can't seem to find the correct software for this thing. I did find a Syntron Digidrum.d64 image which does seem to do something with the digidrum device (I hear the device turning on), but nothing happens on the C64 except for a black screen.

So, does someone have this software (can be both on floppy or cassette) and somehow get it to me?

21st May 2016, 09:52
Found it thanks to a friend.

Created a video for those who are interested, the video includes a download link to the software and some fun commercial ;)