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5th September 2010, 22:06

Before I go to all the the trouble of photographing, testing and listing my BBC stuff which is in the loft I'm purely just trying to gauge interest.

I do have a price in mind for everything but before I make the effort could anyone who might be interested just say "yep" or "nope" to let me gauge interest levels so I don't waste valuable time please?

Essentially I have 3 or 4 BBC Micro's in various conditions. I think one or two have School markings on them and I think one or two are Master systems. I also have one CUB monitor and a two, maybe three floppy drive systems (I think one or two are double drive systems).

Probably also have some floppy disks and other bits and bobs but I really don't want to make the effort if no-one is interested and I really don't want to do the evilBay thing as it's just not worth it for the return as I'm sure you all agree.

Anyhoo - just trying to quantify interest - nothing more.



5th September 2010, 22:24
Hell yeah!!


5th September 2010, 22:30
LOL - I'll take that as a yes then :) Merly, would you also be so kind as to move this into the Acorn area as I guess it should be there instead of here?


5th September 2010, 22:40
Moved as requested.

Dave G :cool:

5th September 2010, 23:09
Me too John, I'm all ears & waiting with interest :lol:

TC :cool:

5th September 2010, 23:38

I'd be interested in the cub monitor (depends a little on the exact model and inputs though)

but I'd definitely be interested!

best, Iain

6th September 2010, 00:54
I've been wanting a BBC Master for a long while. I would be very interested in one of them. :)

6th September 2010, 07:39
Thank goodness, was beginning to wonder if I'd get any more hardware.

Definitely want the CUB monitor, if you can post it within the UK to my friend. Otherwise a pair of Master/Model B's, ideally with econet.

Also interested in the various bits and pieces and software.

Must...spend...tax...return :lol:

6th September 2010, 22:55
Looks like enough interest has been gauged, so this thread has served its purpose. :)