View Full Version : For Sale White Light (Retro Software). New BBC Micro homebrew game on 5.25" floppy - free download also available

5th December 2017, 11:27
Hi, anybody interested in new homebrew games for the Beeb?

After being in development for over nine years, White Light (http://www.retrosoftware.co.uk/wiki/index.php?title=White_Light) by Sarah Walker has finally been completed and it's now available as a packaged product on 5.25" DFS disc to buy or as a free download from www.retrosoftware.co.uk/whitelight (http://www.retrosoftware.co.uk/whitelight)

White Light is a vertical scrolling shootemup and boasts the following features:

14 huge, increasingly-taxing levels which total 90k of data
Beautiful graphics and detailed background scenery, designed by professional video game artist John Blythe
Uses the SDS engine for fast, smooth vertical scrolling in Mode 2
12 enemy ship formations plus static turrets and reactors
Collect power ups and achieve up to 4-way multidirectional fire
Listen to 4 pulsating music tracks whilst you play
High score table with music and saving of scores
Keyboard or Joystick control.

Here are some quotes from the beta testing volunteers, who have all played the game through to completion:

For me, this is the best shoot-em up game ever released for the Beeb (Chris N)
This game's been in development a long time, but it's worth the wait ... it's a really great game - best shoot-em-up on the BBC bar none, I'd say. Very polished. (Jools H)
It's just amazing for a beeb and feels very polished. Absolutely fantastic effort ... congratulations!! (Lance D)

White Light is only the fifth Retro Software title to be available to buy as a physically packaged game: Zap and Krystal Connection were the first in 2009, followed by Repton: The Lost Realms in 2010 and most recently Mountain Panic in 2013.

For this release I was able to source a quantity of new and unused vinyl disc wallets - as used by Acornsoft together with the likes of Micro Power, Superior Software (circa 1985-86) and Ocean/Imagine Software.

100 copies of the BBC Micro 5.25" DFS version have been made available for sale and approx half of these have already been spoken for.

I've listed them on eBay for 14.95 each inc UK shipping but if there any Amibay users interested in obtaining a physical copy then I can do them for 12.50 inclusive of UK shipping, 14.95 to Europe or 17.95 to N & S America, Australia and New Zealand.

The BBC Micro version is compatible with the BBC Model B, B+ and BBC Master.

No forms of storage other than floppy drives are supported, though it has been tested on a BBC B/Master running from USB stick with Datacentre and also on a BBC Master with CF-Flash ADFS Hard Drive.