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  1. Game Magazines from the Past!

    I remember some of Amazing Games Mags such as

    CVG(Computer Video Games)
    MAXIMUM The Video Game Magazine
    Ultimate Future Game Magazine
    Game X

    Atari User( Not great thought!)

    Zzap 64
    Commodore Force

    Amiga CU
    Amiga Format
    Amiga Actions(Early versions was the best as love colourful mags)
    The One Amiga

    All those magazines that I bought above was enjoyable to read or ...

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  2. TOP 10 PSP Vita

    I wish I kept PSP Vita because PSP Vita is underrate handheld game console. They got some brilliant games with the graphics near PS 3 graphics!

    Here my top 10 PSP Vita

    1) Uncharted: Golden Abyss - It is amazing on what can do on PSP Vita and there is no way it can do on Original psp as it would be like slow motion! lol

    2) WipEout 2048 - Enjoyable game and the last Psygnosis game

    3) Killzone Mercenary - Good game as feel like holding PS 3 ...

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  3. TOP 10 PS 3 Games

    Welcome Back

    I got far too many PS 3 Games at the moments and it going really Diffcult to narrrow down to my TOP 10 PS 3 Games that I played the most....

    Here we go.

    1) Uncharted 2 - What a great adventure game from start to finished and good story too. I enjoy it so much playing

    2) Goldeneye Reload - What great James Bond Game that is.

    3) Devil May Cry(the New one!) - Added more style of game and lots to do plus Big boss too! ...

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  4. TOP 10 PSP Games

    The SONY PSP is amazing Handheld to own one and also they have amazing game librarys to played too.

    So what is the most games that I used to played....Here my top 10

    1) Ultimate Ghosts N Goblins - Best version by far, It had everythings you want in game but it is Hard game...not the hardest like Snes version!

    2) Ridge Racer - When it first came out and it blow everyone away including me!

    3) GTA Liberty City - Who ever thought it ever come to small ...
  5. TOP 10 Dreamcast Games

    What Dreamcast games I played the my TOP 10.....

    1) Gunlord - It like Turrican but harder game

    2) Neo XYZ - Fast Pace colourful Shoot em up with NO Slowdown at all!

    3) Soul Calibur - Much better than Arcade. Great Game!

    4) House of the Dead 2 - Really good with holding Gun as if was like you are in the Arcade. Great game with good story

    5) Virtua Tennis 2 - Great game and even better with 2 players

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