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    Cheers for the Headsup - I think I will stick with Silverstone I have though- IF it blows up the RapidRoad then I will give up on USB on that machine.......
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    The Corsair SF450 may do. Its supposed to provide the stable voltages at zero load. I cant recall the ripple but there have been tests posted online.
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    Well, the slot loader doesn't fit with the metal support from the checkmate case, and so doesn't line up. In future I may make a support for it, but not now. So for the moment it will be a 5.25 drive. I may use the one from my tower and will post comparison pics later.
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    Well, just a quick update - I have today received the Dell Vostro 1510 IDE slot loader, which when combined with the adapter I have does seem to output analogue sound via the cdda cable. I was able to connect it to my tower and make cds play as expected.
    The audio mixer that a.mi.goun has made for me is in transit so I cannot fully test in the Checkmate case as I only really want to open it all up the once. The next question is whether or not the slot loader fits the drive cage on the checkmate case. If it does then I suspect I will just swap it in and be done.
    I do keep looking at the 5.25 drive though and although I know it will change the nice lines of the case, for some reason I am still tempted.
    Hmm, will have to see how it looks. Having an external eject button would also be helpful.
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    well touch wood all still working but I did ask Jens about whether it was better to power the RR from the PSU or Motherboard, however his answer was as follows:
    We generally recommend to avoid ATX power supplies. Technical data of the PSU in question shows that 5V is not the main regulation rail, which makes is plain unsuitable for an Amiga. Expect trouble, going up to destroying your RapidRoad due to bad regulation of the 5V rail.

    While the relatively low ripple of the PSU you've linked to might seem to be good, there's still two more key specifications from Commodore that need to be met. With 5% regulation tolerance, you have at least one spec that's violated, so checking the other ones is of no use any more.

    One more time, AVOID, AVOID, AVOID. You're just asking for trouble.

    Now I am not sure any SFX PSU's will meet Jens requirement so I shall just have to suck it up and hope my RR doesn't blow up.
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    I did worry about messing with the lines but I have a spare little front panel if I decide I don't like it. Had to refix the connectors again - hopefully a little more securely but time will tell - am not that confident. As a compromise and as mine is on risers I did consider running it out the back and affixing a USB extender under the case - I may still do that at some point and I may switch the power over to the way you have it.
    Didnt have a spare PCI slot at the back as have my CF card coming out of one and the DVI out of the other (see earlier posts).
    Sad to hear about your HD - this happens occassionally with my CF based drives as well (or I tinker with stuff and then cannot fix what I have done) which is why I usually keep a backup image that I just write to an new card -that why I keep the card accessible at the back.
    Hope you haven't lost much.
  7. Bladejack's Avatar
    I could not bring myself to put the USB at the front as I felt it ruined the look of the Amiga 3000 inspired case and put them on a pci bracket on the back, but after using for a few months I can see a reason for putting them on the front, can be a pain to pull the case forward everything you want to use them. I did not want to attach the floppy power supply just in case it went bang it might take out the A1200 as well , so connected it to the PSU instead, maybe over cautious but I'd rather change a power supply and Rapid road than the 1200. Just today my Hard disk started given checksum errors all over the place and on reboot the Games drive is gone , looks like I'll be rebuilding it again soon, so bye bye 3.5" ide hdd
    Updated 30th December 2020 at 15:15 by Bladejack
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    Looking good bud. I think you'll be fine without risers with a 1230, mine was always 100% stable with the trapdoor closed. If you're worried you could fit a small fan to the reverse of the card where the CPU is. Looks overall like a great solution, look forward to seeing how the CD drive all fits in. Cable tidying is my nemesis too, my Tower needs a bit of TLC in this regard. Anyway thanks for sharing
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    Grrr - bloody amazon. I ordered the correct slot loading slim line DVD but what they delivered was not only not the right model but not even a slot loader. Oh well, that has gone back to them in the post today and I have ordered from elsewhere but it wont come till late this week.
    More time to focus on getting the back panel finished.........
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    Getting extra excited now. With some help from Stephen Jones the floppy disk is now aligned, just waiting for the slim DVD to turn up later. My package with some extra cables from Amigakit turned up as well! Will put it all in the next post. In the mean time am looking at pulling together something to screw my USB and Ethernet connectors into.
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    Indeed. it was more as a 'because I can' kind of project. If I can sort the drive tray alignment out then hopefully the rest will be finishing touches and tidying up - I can hang the USB and ethernet cables out the back whilst I look at options for those.
    I decided against putting the CF card out the front as I didn't want to mess with the clean lines, although I may do that in future as I have a spare fitting that I can butcher for that, and currently the CF card is taking up a PCI slot.
  12. fitzsteve's Avatar
    Looking good, as you say just cover the LED slots with a dome badge and you're done, you want the LEDs on the computer surely?
  13. CrazyC's Avatar
    Swapped in a 64mb stick from my spares box into the SCSI kit and all seems to run well. Needs more time to prove it but looking like it is the ram stick causing the issue. Oh well, suppose its the least worst outcome!
  14. CrazyC's Avatar
    Well after running the miggy through its paces this evening I am concluding that removing the ram stick from the scsi kit has resolved that particular issue. As yest I am not clear if its the SCSI kit or the ram that has the issue. That will take more testing/time.....
  15. CrazyC's Avatar
    Cheers - the mask was set properly and has been working for ages and ages? Also I use PFS3AIO which IIRC deals with the mask issue anyway.
    Simms are different but this setup has been working merrily together for well years - even before I towered the a1200.
    It was accidentally left running for a long time a few weeks ago and I wonder if something has been fried.
    I need to find some time to play around with it as it definitely seemed happier without the sim in the SCSI kit and the only issue I had after that was a surprise reboot that may have had more to do with what I was doing (trying to run Payback Warp 3d) than a crash. But I didnt have much time to test.
  16. awmosoft's Avatar
    This 80000004 error occurs when the mask transfer has been set too high. You have to lower the maxtransfer to 00x1fe00 for each partition you have and try again. if your memory error has been solved.

    Are both Simm's the same brand and speed? If not try to set the jumper on your Blizzard card to 70 ns speed.
  17. CrazyC's Avatar
    Well at least I have resolved the issue with the Indy Mk 2, but my tower remains a problem.
  18. anemo's Avatar
    I had one of those boards back in the days and ran it at 60 Mhz. It was quite stable but crashed a few times when running Doom. A small heatsink would maybe had solved that problem.

    Now I'm stuck at 40 Mhz with my ACA1233n Good board but I miss the overclock ability.
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    Well some more progress - I was having issues with Dopus and Miami etc but seem to have resolved them. biggest issue was i was softkicking a custom rom where I think i had some specific 060 files in there. Now I have sorted that, updated dopus (must remember to do this on my main amiga as well) and got miami working quickly, so I can access my NAS as well as aminet.
  20. CrazyC's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by fitzsteve
    Nice one. I'm a big fan of the 1230mk3

    I have a basic setup of cwb 39 I can send you an image if it helps
    Cheers Steve but I think I have mostly sorted it

    Just noticed that DOPUS wont run as its complaining about needing version 37 of the mathieeesingbas library or something....will need to see whats going on there.
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