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CrazyC's Sanitarium

  1. Updates and changes

    Well its been a while, but I came across a tower case on ebay which I miraculously won for a tiny price, and so it seemed rude to not then tower my main a1200. So I set out on another adventure with a few twists and turns and as is generally the case with this hobby, a few setbacks. These are mostly documented in the threads here and here.

    So now I have 2 A1200 which are both still work in progress.

    My main one is towered, with an original mediator, soundcard, NIC, ...
  2. IT LIVES (and the case closes!)

    Well, my a1200 is all back together. The case is closed despite the fact it is all a bit tight in there to say the least. Visually it now looks almost identical to in previous pics, with one exception.

    The Blizzard 1260 has angled RAM and so the a1200 is raised about an inch both to give that clearance and also to allow room for the small fan fitted to the trapdoor to cool the cpu. This fan is powered from a molex that runs out the back where the RF output used to be. That molex ...

    Updated 3rd January 2017 at 17:42 by CrazyC

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  3. SCSI Here I come

    Well I finally picked up an SCSI to IDE bridge and am hopefully going to try and fulfil the long held dream of speeding up my disk access.
    Will try and do pics and an update this weekend - as nothing EVER goes smoothly for me I will no doubt have issues and be back on here and EAB for advice!
  4. Competed battery powered joystick tester

    Well, here it is Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20160905_183545.jpg 
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ID:	111500all finished.

    1 Five volt regulator, 7 LEDs, a few bits of wire, a DB9 connector and some soldering:
  5. New project

    Well as time and money are a bit too tight for me to progress my bigger amiga projects/desires, I decided to follow up on an old thread and see about making a joystick tester.
    Simple for most of you I know, but I am just a noob to most of this stuff.
    After some helpful advice via PM I am almost there, just awaiting the DB9 connector which should come later this week. I have started fitting LEDs etc to my project box and might even start soldering stuff later!
    I even got myself ...
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