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  1. muRte's Avatar
    Cool! Thanks for sharing Highly addictive little game!
  2. eldeesan's Avatar
    I bought the boxed version of the game. It took 3 months before i got it. Still need to play it though
  3. muRte's Avatar
    Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my video!
  4. system11's Avatar
    Yes, Nazca was primarily dissatisfied ex-Irem employees. Same team were responsible for other Irem games such as Kaitei Daisensou / In The Hunt, their first title was Air Duel which most of the Gunforce II music was taken from.
  5. Retrograde's Avatar
    Interesting, saw some prerelease info on this game, gonna check out this vid and some more later now that it's out.
    Too bad I don't have a PS4 though, not yet at least.
  6. muRte's Avatar
    Hummm.. never heard about Outfoxies! Have to check that one out Thanks!
  7. mattsoft's Avatar
    This was pretty good -- lots of games I need to try! Might I recommend the excellent game Outfoxies? I don't think it ever had a console release and is an amazingly fun 1 or (better) 2 player game with lots of weapons and scaling effects!
  8. muRte's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Retro-Protect
    Hey, Many thanks for the shout out!!
    I thank You! You're the best!
    Good luck!
  9. Retro-Protect's Avatar
    Hey, Many thanks for the shout out!!
  10. muRte's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mattsoft
    love the new intro!!!
    Thank you!
  11. mattsoft's Avatar
    love the new intro!!!
  12. muRte's Avatar
    Indeed! Great game it still is!
    Thanks for your feedback! Appreciate it!
  13. Amiga Forever's Avatar
    Rollercoaster Tycoon and what a game that was. It had everythings from gameplay, being creative to make own park and Music is very good.

    It was written in Assembler and must be nightmare to get everythings right.
  14. muRte's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your opinion, Bastich!
    And thanks for watching! Cheers!
  15. Bastich's Avatar
    Another awesome video
    One of my favourite games
    Always preferred the first one but loved the second.
    The 3rd one I never really got into.
  16. limboy777's Avatar
    The best review of the spectrum on Youtube.

    I would choose exactly the same games - these are the games that show spectrum's capability.
    Updated 20th November 2015 at 17:22 by limboy777
  17. jumpinjackson's Avatar
    I remember playing it no end on my dad's very old CGA Toshiba laptop with Amber screen... probably burnt my retina for good but it was worth it!!!!
  18. muRte's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by FastRobPlus
    Everything Bill Williams made was gold.
    You're absolutely right!
  19. FastRobPlus's Avatar
    Everything Bill Williams made was gold.
  20. muRte's Avatar
    I thank you for watching!
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