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  1. NinjaRabbit's Lemmings Merchandise Collection - Part 6

    by , 26th November 2014 at 01:17 (NinjaRabbit's Burrow)
    I hadn't planned on writing another one of these posts until the new official Lemmings merchandise launches in early 2015, but I now have enough new Lemmings items (plus one that I forgot to write about last time!) in my collection to warrant one more entry in this series this year.


    Little Plush Faller Keychain (Sewn; Just under 4" tall) ...

    Updated 26th November 2014 at 01:37 by NinjaRabbit

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  2. NinjaRabbit's Lemmings Merchandise Collection - Part 5

    This will be the last of the mini-sized updates to the NinjaRabbit's Lemmings Collection series, as a raft of official Lemmings merchandise is due to hit retailers in early 2015.

    This update actually only contains one item, which I made.

    Soft Toys

    Max (Sewn; Just under nine-and-a-half" tall) - A plush lemming who I made as a mascot for myself. He has a selection of Build-A-Bear Workshop-compatible ...

    Updated 15th October 2014 at 22:20 by NinjaRabbit

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  3. Max the mascot-lemming, and his outfits

    Max is my mascot-lemming.

    Because of his status as a mascot, he gets to wear various outfits, and wield various accessories. Here's his wardrobe so far.

    Samurai Max.

    Hoodie Max.

    Bandana Max. ...
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  4. Christmas in July!

    If you're a craftsperson of any kind, you'll know very well that you have to start dealing with Christmas-related items quite early. I've been doing just that lately, and even my lemmings are getting into the festive spirit*!

    The outfit is the coat and hat from a Santa outfit for 16" teddy bears, manufactured by Teddy Mountain (a stuffable bears and accessories manufacturer and franchise that competes with Build-A-Bear ...
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  5. NinjaRabbit's Lemmings Merchandise Collection - Part 4

    Time to update my NinjaRabbit's Lemmings Collection series again. This is only a small update, as the series' current treatment means that it sees no official merchandise these days. In fact, all but one of the items in this update were made by myself!


    Lemmings Plush Phone Bag - A case for carrying a mobile telephone, with a large button closure, and ...

    Updated 15th October 2014 at 22:19 by NinjaRabbit

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