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  1. AmigaOS 3.2

    Well time for a little catchup post. I decided that AmigaOS 3.2 would be my next investment and so ordered not only the CD but a set of ROMs as well. I decided to do a clean install and build this from scratch. It all went OK although it is still a bit barebones as it comes and installing various bits and bobs also required extra bits and bobs like MUI.
    Anyway... I suppose the key issues for me that have been resolved along the way relate to Music CD's. I use ADPlay to actually play them ...
  2. Getting Back to My Amiga Days

    After a 20 year hiatus, I am just getting back to where I abandoned my Amigas, around the turn of the century, 2000. As the internet became popular, most of the less hardy Amiga fans in the United States (of America) abandoned the platform because of a lack of support for Java scripting for the Amiga. Lots of Amiga hardware was put up for sale on ebay, and I bought a lot of the stuff before moving from California to Montana in the year 2006. I took about half of my stuff with me, and left half ...
  3. Amiga 4000 daughterboard

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    pm sent
    pm sended
  4. Checkmate Build (Part 6.6) CD Sound

    Well following on from the last two posts, the audio mixer that a.mi.goun so kindly made for me arrived today. It works great and was fitted in minutes. It allows me to not only combine the audio from the cdda output from the cd drive with the output from the RCA posts for the system sound, but balance the levels between the two. This is good as the cd audio is quite a bit softer. Now they are set roughly level so I don't have to mess around with the speaker volume.
    Fantastic and just ...

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  5. CD32 TF330 and New riser USB

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    Post update
    Hi, ist the TF330 and Riser still available?
    I would show my interest, regards zE
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