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    Well, the slot loader doesn't fit with the metal support from the checkmate case, and so doesn't line up. In future I may make a support for it, but not now. So for the moment it will be a 5.25 drive. I may use the one from my tower and will post comparison pics later.
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    Well, just a quick update - I have today received the Dell Vostro 1510 IDE slot loader, which when combined with the adapter I have does seem to output analogue sound via the cdda cable. I was able to connect it to my tower and make cds play as expected.
    The audio mixer that a.mi.goun has made for me is in transit so I cannot fully test in the Checkmate case as I only really want to open it all up the once. The next question is whether or not the slot loader fits the drive cage on the checkmate case. If it does then I suspect I will just swap it in and be done.
    I do keep looking at the 5.25 drive though and although I know it will change the nice lines of the case, for some reason I am still tempted.
    Hmm, will have to see how it looks. Having an external eject button would also be helpful.
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    well touch wood all still working but I did ask Jens about whether it was better to power the RR from the PSU or Motherboard, however his answer was as follows:
    We generally recommend to avoid ATX power supplies. Technical data of the PSU in question shows that 5V is not the main regulation rail, which makes is plain unsuitable for an Amiga. Expect trouble, going up to destroying your RapidRoad due to bad regulation of the 5V rail.

    While the relatively low ripple of the PSU you've linked to might seem to be good, there's still two more key specifications from Commodore that need to be met. With 5% regulation tolerance, you have at least one spec that's violated, so checking the other ones is of no use any more.

    One more time, AVOID, AVOID, AVOID. You're just asking for trouble.

    Now I am not sure any SFX PSU's will meet Jens requirement so I shall just have to suck it up and hope my RR doesn't blow up.