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  1. Working with the ratte switch

    Having now received my ratte switch and getting the appropriate cables, I have set my towered a1200 to run both the native and Voodoo3 outputs via the ratte switch into the monitor.

    It didnt quite work at first but that was due to the jumper on the switch being in the wrong place but easily fixed. I also have my other a1200 and a firetvstick running into the monitor via a hdmi switcher but I think the firetv will have to go, as when the VGA switches between native and Voodoo3 the monitor ...
  2. Buddha IDE for Amigas with Zorro slot

    [QUOTE=dayowalker;962256]The lineup is, remembering that I prefer shipment to EU:
    1. ElectroBlaster
    2. Pior[/QUOTE]

    also expressing interest
  3. Update

    And now with my current workbench, Acer G276HL Monitor (15khz capable) and Logitech Z207 speakers.

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  4. Updates and changes

    Well its been a while, but I came across a tower case on ebay which I miraculously won for a tiny price, and so it seemed rude to not then tower my main a1200. So I set out on another adventure with a few twists and turns and as is generally the case with this hobby, a few setbacks. These are mostly documented in the threads here and here.

    So now I have 2 A1200 which are both still work in progress.

    My main one is towered, with an original mediator, soundcard, NIC, ...
  5. CDTV Capacitor list

    I decided to recap on my CDTV, starting with the CDROM as it has difficulty starting, the front panel as the IR was weak and I am considering the PSU as well. As there doesn't seem to be a comprehensive Capacitor list for the CDTV, the mainboard, CDROM and the PSU I decided to document the values.

    After the initial tear-down of the CDTV, I also removed the CDROM PCB, it was a real pain to get to the CDROM PCB, got there eventually. Looks like my CDROM PCB has had quite a bit of rework, ...
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