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  1. Blizzard 1230MKIV

    Well for my soon (ish) to be Checkmated a1200 I decided I needed a bit more oomph. I know everyone is going nuts for 68060s but I splashed out an a nice Blizzard 1230 MkIV with fpu and 32mb RAM. That will do for this one. It also means I can run CWB3.9 as I have got bored with being honest. I just have to get a version set up for this machine as my CWB3.9 setup is tailored for my tower with mediator and SCSI kit and all sort of bits and bobs including RTG.
    Oh well, another bit ...
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  2. AA3000+ LED Board

    Ok so I finally got my AA3000+ after postal services resumed and hese could actually ship it to Canada (thank you hese!). After some initial troubles with the Super DMAC dying (thank you again hese for the support)...I finally got the AA3000+ running in my A3000 case (with a new Super DMAC chip) and I settled in on getting my replacement LED board working. (I had earlier purchased an A3000 system but it came with no LED board). Luckily the seller had made some replacement LED PCB's and he did include ...

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  3. Amiga Daslight Disco32

    Quote Originally Posted by na103 View Post
    still available
    interested, pm follows
  4. CD32 System - £200 to £300 - Working

    Thanks for the photos...

    where are you based for pick up please
  5. Amiga 500 monitor stand

    Quote Originally Posted by alan.turner View Post
    A heavy heart selling this as they seem hard to come by but I donít need it.

    Amiga 500 monitor stand.

    Itís showing it age paintwise but doesnít have any rust.

    Comes with joy/mouse connectors.

    Hard to price it so Iím starting at £120 £110 plus postage. PayPal gift or you pay fees.

    item cannot be posted until 10th August

    Itís about 7kg in weight.

    now on sale elsewhere


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