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  1. American Coco Bandicoot Beanie Plush

    Following on from my entry about Crash Bandicoot, yesterday, here's Crash's sister, the computer geek, Coco Bandicoot.

    Unlike Crash, Coco here is a beanbag plush made for the US market. These became available in the UK in the early summer of 1999. It was still a time when game-related plushes tended to be mostly made for the Japanese market, so even though there had been a few Western-specific plushes, and even some made specifically ...

    Updated 4th June 2014 at 17:27 by NinjaRabbit

  2. IBM Model M Mechanical Keyboard - It's a Pixel THING - Ep.#50

    I've managed to grab a 1989 IBM Model M mechanical keyboard in pretty good shape! Let's clean it up and get it ready to rock n roll!
    [/URL][/B][/U][B][URL=""]IBM Model M Mechanical Keyboard - It's a Pixel THING - Ep.#50[/URL][/B]
  3. Its back

    Having purchased a second A1200 to fulfil my plan of having one in the summerhouse for games etc, I sent the new motherboard off to TheCorfiot in Wales for some work, namely:
    recap the board (of course), reinforce the power lines to the floppy drive power connector, remove the RF modulator, and add some power connections off the PSU plug so I could run power to the DVD drive and fans. I also asked for timing fixes as neither my B1260 or ACA1221 would boot with the new motherboard. I also ...

    Updated 10th December 2015 at 10:20 by CrazyC

  4. ZX Spectrum 128K +3 :: HISTORY & GAMES | It's a Pixel THING - Ep. 135

    The time has come to tell the complete history of the ZX Spectrum 128K +3 and, also, point out some of my favorite games to play on this incredible machine!

    [B]ZX Spectrum 128K +3 :: HISTORY & GAMES | It's a Pixel THING - Ep. 135[/B]
  5. Amiga demo Old Skool Fool created by Mandel Brothers

    I have been going through some of the lesser known Amiga demo's from the late 90s and early 2000 and converting them to videos to upload to Youtube.
    I have had to do it from Winuae as don't have any video capture facilities to record the output from my A1200 so some of the demos might not be 100% accurate.

    Here is the first demo called 'oldskool fool' by the Mandel Brothers from 2000
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