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    Checkmate Build (Part 6.6) CD Sound

    Well following on from the last two posts, the audio mixer that a.mi.goun so kindly made for me arrived today. It works great and was fitted in minutes. It allows me to not only combine the audio...

    CrazyC 26th February 2021 15:51

    CD32 TF330 and New riser USB

    Hi, ist the TF330 and Riser still available?
    I would show my interest, regards zE

    zerec 26th February 2021 09:43

    Checkmate Build (Part 6.5) CD Sound

    Well as I cannot work out how to add pictures to my own comments, I have created a new post for the comparison pics of the 2 5.25 drives.
    The darker (LG) drive is a tight fit which is good as it...

    CrazyC 18th February 2021 17:55

    Checkmate Build (Part 6) CD Sound

    Well my next project with this case is to get the CD Audio working properly. I can play music CDs using an app that reads the music from the data stream, but as I want it all, I want to use an app...

    CrazyC 10th February 2021 11:10
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    Motorola CPUs

    Interested all 040 CPU; #4 -> #11. And also that busted one #12... I'll double check it. PM will follow soon..

    bulpper Today, 14:36 Go to last post

    External 1,76MB slim floppy

    As in title: external 1,76MB slim floppy.
    Has internal controller - see pictures.
    Tested and 100% working, see videos.


    stachu100 Today, 13:44 Go to last post

    External 880kB floppy drive

    As in title: tested and 100% working.

    60EUR including tracked, but not insured postage inside EU.
    Payment by PayPal as "For family

    stachu100 Today, 13:35 Go to last post

    Atari Falcon 030 Boxed Working

    Still available and last price drop, now 2500 euros, was 2700!

    retrolimber Today, 13:05 Go to last post

    Floppy disc 3.5" storage cases or boxes

    Regarding floppy disk labels be careful if you buy old stock as I have hundreds somewhere but last time I tried them they weren't sticky anymore.

    fitzsteve Today, 12:36 Go to last post