Well time for a little catchup post. I decided that AmigaOS 3.2 would be my next investment and so ordered not only the CD but a set of ROMs as well. I decided to do a clean install and build this from scratch. It all went OK although it is still a bit barebones as it comes and installing various bits and bobs also required extra bits and bobs like MUI.
Anyway... I suppose the key issues for me that have been resolved along the way relate to Music CD's. I use ADPlay to actually play them and ACDB to look up the data information on line.
Thanks to some online help I now have it set up so that when I put a music CD in, my chosen Music CD icon comes up but it doesnt show the CD3: uninitialised icon that used to come up. This is thanks to an app from Aminet called Ghostbuster.
Double clicking on the CD icon runs ACDB quickly, downloads the data and then starts ACD play so that the tracklist is there.
This is done via a script using IconX to make it the default tool of the cdda icon (again I had a lot opf help with this).
I am gradually building my DOPUS config and tweaking it, and getting to grips with defaulticons in 3.2
I have installed the the latest (purchased) p96 and am using the native driver with it in place of fblit, and am using PeterKs latest icon library. I went with P96 as I will use this setup as a base for my RTG tower once I am happy enough with its development.
Also recently moved from Dockbot to WBDock2
So, what didnt go so well. Hardware, thats what.
Now there is only so much left that I can do to my Checkmate A1200, but one area I decided to address was HD speed. As the chances of getting another SCSI Kit for my Blizzard (like I have in my other setup) seem remote at best, I decided that as I had room in the case (well, more than in a wedge case) I would go for a fastata. Due to the Indy and RR I would need to raise it a bit but Amigakit do an angled Rom raiser for just that situation. But, to cut a long story short I could not get the RomRisers to settle as they are not actually angled as such and due to my own clumsiness ended up breaking a leg off my new fastata.

So, lots of swearing etc there, and in the end I have just fitted the 3.2 roms directly and am back where I was.
I will have another go when it gets back from being repaired......
With all the swapping of CF cards I also managed to bend a pin on the CF reader in my miggy, but luckily I had a spare (and have now ordered another so I still have a spare, as knowing me.........)

So, impressions of 3.2? I like it, I was a fan of cwb 3.9 but 3.2 is now my daily driver and I have added most of the programs I use and want, and reckon in a few weeks I will start the even more challenging part of porting it to my tower and getting Warp3d etc working.
The trace your startup-sequence thing is really cool and helpful when you break stuff softwarewise.....