Well, I bought one of those ftdi cables that mean I can flash new firmware directly onto my tf1260 without removing it from my checkmate case.
I followed the videos available online and flashed the latest alpha firmware without any problems.
Much to my joy I found that my Rev 6 060 seems quite happy to run at 100 mhz for at least an hour or two (that's all I tested - playing amiquake) without either the cpu or cplds getting more than relatively warm! This firmware is marvelous. 94mhz also runs well. Speeds above 63 and below 94 aren't stable but that's fine (its not final firmware) and the issues with the ehide when overclocking are apparently resolved although I haven't tested that.

I have the various scripts setup to change the clockspeed on the fly, and am going to set an environment variable for the clockspeed so workbench can show it on the titlebar (3.2)
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