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Alice+ board Day 2

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Mostly cleanup today and I installed a Mediator 4000Di so the system could take advantage of my 32" monitor/TV. This will be temporary as I await my Cyberstorm PPC arrival - it's been stuck at Canada Customs for 8 days now!! Ugh!. Once I (hopefully) get the CS PPC, I will mate it to the GREX and do a fresh install of OS 3.1.4.

Right now I have a mix of OS 3.4.1 and OS 3.9. It's mostly stable but I think the Mediator refuses to work sometimes. Most of the Mediators I have owned over the years are a bit tempermental.

I did some more testing of the Alice+ A4000, installed a compact flash card, and removed the internal floppy drive. I figured I will need the space for extra cooling fans once the CS PPC goes in. Check out this link for photos:

I tried to upload them here but AmiBay gives me an error message!
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  1. DarrenHD's Avatar
    My Cyberstorm PPC finally cleared I should have it in a few days...I will post photos of that (final) build!