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Well as I didn't want to start the usual flame war about emulators vs real kit and what is an emulator and is a vampire a real amiga and all of that....I thought I would put a few thoughts here where no one will see them

Personally I believe that the best thing is whatever does it for each individual - there is no fixed line as such. For me I like the original hardware. I get a kick out of using the original hardware. Yes, I use a CF hard drive, and an Indy Mk2 and I connect to a flat screen but that is acceptable to me.

I have two a1200s, one is a tower with B1260, SCSI kit, Voodoo 3, USB etc running CWB 3.9, and the other is a wedge running 3.1.4 and an aca 1221. The wedge is going to go into the summerhouse and quite adequately plays all the normal games off a CF hard drive. Yes its a bit slow to open Igame and it doesn't cope with fancy 3D games but well I get little enough time on my amigas as it is. Would I prefer a B1230 in it, of course - that is my ideal game setup.

So do I need the tower setup? Well I do like the extra speed offered by my B1260 around the desktop etc, but I don't bother overclocking it much as there is little point. So, can I get excited about the new generation of card coming along - Vampire, Warp and TF. Not really. When I do use my amigas it is generally to play games that don't require a B1260, and that is where I get my enjoyment. So what do these new accelerators offer (The Vampire is still not for me), and the others, well perhaps I am temporarily past the "because I can stage". I guess my current setup does fine for me. At least until the next bout of amiga madness kicks in......

Oh well
Back to some case mods and sorting out the slightly dodgy keyboard on my tower........
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  1. A1200's Avatar
    I have never been a fan of towered Amigas - I like to keep them in the wedge. I have 2x A1000s and have owned an A4000D but I much prefer the look/feel of the A500/A600/A1200. I too have 2 A1200s, had lots more in the past but I expect that's the case for many of us - buying and selling because of one reason or another. I will always try and run tech from the day as I am a sucker for nostaliga - for example I keep the disk drive as a disk drive not a GoTek and I try and run an accelerator like a Blizzard/Apollo over an ACA. That said, I have had plenty of Jen's boards and they are just as good. Emulating for me is no good - the hardware is the soul of the experience as far as I am concerned. I do run a solid state HDD too because of the noise and power consumption of the mechanical drives so I am not a total puriest. The Vampire to me is mighty impressive, but because it takes over the whole machine and gives a whole new experience than what we had in the 80s and 90s. A new batch of 030/040/060 boards is more exciting to me as it is just providing replacement boards into the marketplace from an aging stock which keeps increasing in value (which is good if you are selling, crap if you want to buy).
    Updated 11th June 2020 at 20:44 by A1200 (A100s? I meant A1000s)
  2. CrazyC's Avatar
    Oh I agree completely and was never a fan of or intended to tower my amiga, but I had two a1200 wedges and one was getting a little crowded inside (Blizzard 1260, SCSI kit, Acard SCSI to IDE adapter, IDE-Fix express, Indy Mk2.....) and I then bid on ebay for a tower case. Whilst I cannot mention the price there was no reserve and turns out I was the only bidder and just had to collect it.
    After that it just seemed rude not to move my pride and joy into the tower and have the other one purely for games in the summerhouse.....