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Checkmate 1500 Build (Part 2)

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Now lets turn to the keyboard.

This was really easy - open it up, screw in the keyrah, plug in the keybaord conenctor and slot in the keyboard, add a few screws and voila.
Now yes, i did manage to slightly thread one of the plastic screws, but hey ho.

Points to note.
I had intended to try and find a way of fitting LEDs, even if it mean butchering the previous LED board that I now have spare, BUT, I think that if I plug it into the keyrah it will foul on the keyboard due to height. I think I will probably try and get the same Boing Ball Sticker I saw someone else use to cover the LED slots (anyone got any suggestions?). Other than that, plugged it into the SUM USB and all worked a treat. I may return to this (the LEDs) in future but have bigger fish to fry at the moment.

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So where have we got to so far.
Still awaiting longer floppy cable and rubber standoffs to sort the power board.
Still need to find a way of adding the USB and Ethernet ports at the back - probably via the expansion panel I haven't looked at yet!
I have the slot loading DVD player coming in a few days - that will need to be fitted, connected and then I will need to actually get the miggy to see it
I need to locate a good Boing Ball sticker for the Keyboard to cover the LED slots
and my big issue is the drive tray alignment. This thing looks like it can only fit one way, so I shall return to that probably at the weekend and hope that it all becomes clear. So still some way from putting the lid on and closing it up, but she is fully functional which is more than is usually the case at this stage when I embark on an amiga project!

Updated 15th October 2020 at 21:55 by CrazyC

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  1. fitzsteve's Avatar
    Looking good, as you say just cover the LED slots with a dome badge and you're done, you want the LEDs on the computer surely?
  2. CrazyC's Avatar
    Indeed. it was more as a 'because I can' kind of project. If I can sort the drive tray alignment out then hopefully the rest will be finishing touches and tidying up - I can hang the USB and ethernet cables out the back whilst I look at options for those.
    I decided against putting the CF card out the front as I didn't want to mess with the clean lines, although I may do that in future as I have a spare fitting that I can butcher for that, and currently the CF card is taking up a PCI slot.
  3. CrazyC's Avatar
    Getting extra excited now. With some help from Stephen Jones the floppy disk is now aligned, just waiting for the slim DVD to turn up later. My package with some extra cables from Amigakit turned up as well! Will put it all in the next post. In the mean time am looking at pulling together something to screw my USB and Ethernet connectors into.
  4. CrazyC's Avatar
    Grrr - bloody amazon. I ordered the correct slot loading slim line DVD but what they delivered was not only not the right model but not even a slot loader. Oh well, that has gone back to them in the post today and I have ordered from elsewhere but it wont come till late this week.
    More time to focus on getting the back panel finished.........