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Checkmate 1500 Build (Part 3)

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Well, were it not for amazon delivering the wrong dvd drive I would be close to finished with this now, but that will have to wait for next weekend.....

Anyway, I had the issue with the drive not aligning and so messaged Stephen who pointed out that I have a low profile drive - I dont know if this is standard for an a1200 or what but he suggested raising it with some of the brass standoffs in the pack. Did this and all is good!

So whilst waiting for the replacement DVD drive, I set about fashioning a panel to hold the USB and ethernet ports at the back. OK - its not the cleanest job ever but I could not be arsed to spend a week or two trying to get something printed online and sent to me, so I grabbed some plastic from B&Q and set to it. Yes, I know I am not a practical person and you really need to keep in mind how bad I am at things like this before judging it. (or just don't look too closely). But anyway, I was pleased with what is my first attempt. I may go back later and try and make a neater V2, but actually this will probably do me if I am honest (it functions and is out of sight round the back).

So, pics of where we are at the minute, internal, external and rear

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Importantly and unusually for a project of mine - everything still works!

Things still to do:
Fit the DVD drive
Swap the network card for a spare with a smaller dongle!
Cover the back of the PSU connector
Apply stickers
Try and tidy up the inside a bit.
Maybe fit a grommet to the hole for the keyboard adapter.
And then I think thats it!

I did order risers but have decided not to fit them for 3 reasons:
1: Actually I dont think it needs them - its not like the keyboard fits under there.
2: It would mean that the unit would be slightly too big for where I want to put it for the moment
3: I should have fitted them before everything else and I think it will be a pain to do it now (should have read the manual.....)

So hopefully Part 4 of this blog will be the conclusion of my project!

Updated 18th October 2020 at 21:54 by CrazyC

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  1. fitzsteve's Avatar
    Looking good bud. I think you'll be fine without risers with a 1230, mine was always 100% stable with the trapdoor closed. If you're worried you could fit a small fan to the reverse of the card where the CPU is. Looks overall like a great solution, look forward to seeing how the CD drive all fits in. Cable tidying is my nemesis too, my Tower needs a bit of TLC in this regard. Anyway thanks for sharing