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CF Card with Whd load

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Hello I was wondering if anyone could make me a large compact flash card with workbench 3.9
I have got an Amiga 1200 With blizzard 1260 128 mb of ram. I was wondering if I could have all the a500 whd load games and Aga 4mb fast ram games and cd32 games also i have got a cd32 with a tf330 it would be good if it could work on there if possible also is it possible to put Doom 1 and 2 on it and the Plutonia and tnt version of doom.
Decent, Duke nukem atomic, Genetic species Amiquake 1 and 2 , Rise of the Triad, Myst, payback, strife, Heretic, Hexen ,Wolfenstein, testament 1 and 2 and trapped.
It would be very much appreciated if anyone can do this for me.
I have a couple of CF cards with some of the games stated but if possible all on one card I have tried myself but can't seem to do it.

Updated 8th November 2020 at 13:26 by Bevanj

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  1. fitzsteve's Avatar
    To comply with site rules you would need to prove ownership of each piece of software you want installed. Also most of the 3D games you want need an 060 to run, apart from Doom/Genetic Species most would be unplayable on an 030 assuming they work at all.
  2. Bevanj's Avatar
    Thank you for the information.
    I have got a 1260 Blizzard card.

    A old work colleague made me a CF card with most of the 3d games I mentioned I have lost contact with and have not seen for may years. I assume he has got/ own the games.
    Updated 8th November 2020 at 20:59 by Bevanj