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Getting Back to My Amiga Days

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After a 20 year hiatus, I am just getting back to where I abandoned my Amigas, around the turn of the century, 2000. As the internet became popular, most of the less hardy Amiga fans in the United States (of America) abandoned the platform because of a lack of support for Java scripting for the Amiga. Lots of Amiga hardware was put up for sale on ebay, and I bought a lot of the stuff before moving from California to Montana in the year 2006. I took about half of my stuff with me, and left half of it behind in California.

Just recently, because I dug out an A1200 which I had packed up for sending to someone in Great Britain in 2016 and discovered it had a defective hard drive. After cleaning the and inserting the ROM chips backward, at least one of them, burning it out, I discovered many Amiga interest sites on facebook, consulted a few people, and ordered new ROMs as well as a 4 gig CF card loaded with WB 3.1 and installed it on the A1200.

It was now working, and now I had 2 that worked. I attached both to an older Panasonic 27 inch CRT monitor which had dozens of inputs and took a photo:
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I had my original Amiga 1000 in the same room, which I occasionally used to play MegaBall, so I took a picture of it. I had added some memory and stuff to connect an external hard drive via the Zorro slot on the side, so it was a pretty nice A 1000. I first bought it around 1986. I was about 48 years old at the time, about the same age as most of the retro-Amiga gamers are now.
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Now I was hooked. I had a bunch of Amigas in my basement darkroom, which I never used for photography, although I used to develop, print, and enlarge black & white photos about 50 years ago. The darkroom, its equipment, trays, papers, and chemicals came with the house we bought in 2008. I added an enlarger, and my working computers from California.
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  1. Marco06's Avatar
    Omg... nice collection !

    In first time, remplacing battery before playing with your nicely collection !

    Marco - France