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Max the mascot-lemming, and his outfits

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Max is my mascot-lemming.

Because of his status as a mascot, he gets to wear various outfits, and wield various accessories. Here's his wardrobe so far.

Samurai Max.

Hoodie Max.

Bandana Max.

Winter Max.

Jedi Max. (Or perhaps he's a Lemi Knight? Or maybe Old Lem Kenobi? )

I'll probably make more posts like this in the future, as Max's wardrobe is added to.
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Lemmings , Miscellaneous


  1. Beegle's Avatar
    That's adorable.
  2. NinjaRabbit's Avatar
    Thanks very much!

    He's accrued a few more shirts since I wrote this (one of which I made from scratch myself), one of which will probably make an appearance in my next blog entry.