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NinjaRabbit's Lemmings Merchandise Collection - Part 1

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Ever since the big AmiBay update that added the blog feature, I've wondered whether there was anything that I could use it for. Then it occurred to me that, since I like to collect video game merchandise, I could use it to write about that.

I'm starting off by showing off my collection of Lemmings stuff. It includes official and fan-made items, including plushes that I have designed and made myself. Without further ado... Let's go!

Soft Toys

Lemming (Knitted; 10" tall) - A knitted lemming who my grandmother made for me when I was a kid. He was based on a drawing of mine that was an alternate interpretation of the in-game sprites, and which was deliberately different to the famous promotional artwork for the series. Like most of my plush lemmings, he's one of the characters in a long-running series of Lemmings-based stories that I've been creating for my own entertainment for almost two decades.

Darwin (Sewn; 10" tall) - A plush lemming designed and made by myself 16 years after Lemming was made, designed as a buddy for Lemming.

Thomas (Sewn; 10" tall) - A jacket-wearing lemming. His jacket was a literary device to set him apart from other characters, and was inspired by the one worn by Cooler in the 1980s Pound Puppies cartoon series.

Arthur (Sewn; 10" tall) - A lemming with a backpack that can be used to carry small items. He's novelty carrying bag for my phone.

Opal (Sewn; Just under 11" tall) - A lemming in the same style as Lemming, above. She was made as part of an effort to see if I could mimic the style in which my grandmother knitted toys, in sewn form.

Pancake (Sewn; Retailed; 6" long) - A plush Norwegian Lemming, named for the fact that, when bought, he was squashed flat into a box that was too small to send him in. He wasn't aware that the photo-shoot was only meant for lemmings of the green-haired variety, but here he is anyway.

Lomax (Sewn; 11" tall excluding helmet, 14" tall including helmet) - A plush version of the lemming knight from the Medieval Tribe, who stars in a self-titled platform game for the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Windows 95.

Soft Toys (Small)

Amigo (Crocheted; 4-and-a-half" tall) - A crocheted lemming bought from BJPrettyLittleThings on Etsy, and made from PlanetJune's Lemmings pattern. I named him Amigo partly after the Commodore Amiga home-computer, which is where the Lemmings series debuted.

Mr. Lemming (Sewn; 4-and-a-half" tall) - Mr. Lemming was made from a half-sized version of the pattern used to make my plush lemmings.

More information about the plushes I make can be found on my website.


Lemmings Adventure Gamebook 1 - The Genesis Quest - The first of two choose-your-own-adventure books based on the Lemmings series. This one has you organising the lemmings to retrieve pieces of their guiding Talisman. Though published after All New World of Lemmings/The Lemmings Chronicles, both of the Lemmings Adventure Gamebooks are based purely around Lemmings 2's lore, and are set on Lemming Island, and not the Lemming Archipelago.

Lemmings Adventure Gamebook 2 - The Hypnosis Enigma - The second of the two Lemmings choose-your-own-adventure books. This book sees you and the lemmings trying to solve the mystery behind odd behaviour among the tribes.

The Story of the 12 Tribes of Lemming Island - A tongue-in-cheek storybook that was included with the big box versions of Lemmings 2: The Tribes. I bought this on its own on Amazon UK and in the chapter about the Medieval Tribe, the book's previous owner repeatedly corrected the musical instrument, the lute, to "flute", in tiny lettering. I say that this makes it a unique collectible.


Lemmings Floater Pin - An enamel pin issued to promote the first Lemmings game. It shows a lemming using the Floater skill.

Lemmings 2 Highland Lemming Pin - A pin issued to promote Lemmings 2: The Tribes. These were placed inside the packaging of some of the big box editions of Lemmings 2 released in Europe, and were accompanied by an order form that allowed you to purchase the other 11 pins directly from Psygnosis.

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