We are getting e-mails from time to time from members that, despite going through the signup process and verification code check, still can't access the site.

This is usually because the person signing up is using a web-based e-mail box such as YMail, GMail, Hotmail etc.

If you are stuck in "I-can't-get-onto-the-site" Hell and you aren't getting anywhere with accessing the site, it may be because our site security doesn't like the e-mail address provided and so the account gets blocked.

To resolve this, you should contact admin@amibay.com and provide the following details:-

1. Username required (preferably the name you tried to sign up with);
2. E-Mail address required (we can allow web based e-mail addresses);
3. Your location (Country, Town/City or State/Province/Region).

Once we have this information, we can release or setup the account for you and contact you with a temporary password so that you can access the site.