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Proof of ownership when selling items

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  • Proof of ownership when selling items

    The following statement has been added to the Selling Rules of AmiBay.

    If you have a post count of less than 50 and/or a feedback score of less than ten then you will be expected to provide proof of ownership for items of a value of £50 or more.
    This is to be in the form of a photo of the item with a piece of paper showing the forum name, your forum name and the date the item is listed For Sale.

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    It is also entirely the moderators discretion to ask for proof of ownership even if you are not required by the rules to do so.

    If you've only ever bought and never sold, then suddenly offer something rare and expensive for sale; we'll expect proof of ownership.
    Only accepting F&F payment on expensive items, you will be expected to show proof of ownership.
    Those with recent negative feedback will be expected to show proof of ownership.

    If you are asked to provide proof of ownership by a mod, we will expect you to do so within 24 hours. If you fail to do so, your sales thread will be closed. You can request it to be reopened by contacting a member of staff with a picture proving ownership.

    That is all..
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