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AmiBay offline on 11th October for Maintenance

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  • AmiBay offline on 11th October for Maintenance

    From the AmiBay Facebook group for those that don't use Facebook

    Scheduled site migration and upgrade:
    Amibay will be offline from Monday 11th October for maintenance. Another attempt to move it to a new server, and to upgrade the site will be taking place.
    I will keep you updated here.
    In the meantime new registrations to the site will remain closed until this work is complete.
    Site help required:
    Can I also ask if any members are interested in helping Amibay and becoming a moderator please let us know.
    We desperately need some new members to come on board to help with the site.
    This will mainly be helping out with new member registrations and with new sales posts and sale moderation.
    The amount of time needed to help will be up to each person and nothing will be expected of you.
    The more moderators we can get on board the better, to spread the load.
    But if you are interested please consider that you must have been a member for at least 6 months, have a post count of at least 10 and be active with at least 2 successful trades.
    This is just to ensure you are familiar with the site and how it works, to better help other members.
    It should also be a given that anyone with prior infractions will be discounted.
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