Vulturing In 'For Sale' Threads

We have noticed an increase in activity in what we on the site staff term 'vulturing'. This is where someone is selling a bundle of items together for a single price, and wants to sell the whole as one single job lot, yet people are declaring interest in parts of the item "if the seller decides to split".

Whilst we understand that it is tempting to do this, we ask that you do not do it as a buyer, as the items are not for sale in the way that you want them to be. If the seller hasn't clearly stated that the item may be split, then please assume that it is not for sale as split items or parts.

It creates tremendous confusion for other members and moderators, and it doesn't help the seller at all with the sale. It also could be seen as a method of "silent bidding" or creating a "silent auction" for a part of the offered item via PM. This is against our site rules.


The AmiBay team