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The Recycle Bin

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  • The Recycle Bin

    Hello there AmiBayers

    for members to take part in the recycle bin activity, you must approach the Amibay staff to have your membership upgraded to AmiBayer.

    this will allow you access to the Recycle Bin.

    Moderators can give you access to the Recycle Bin by adding your account to the AmiBayer's Group in Groups.

    if there is any problem please let me know.
    Flux Mastah' Zee
    50 L337 1'M W1R3FR4M3

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    As Lead Moderator for the Recycle Bin section...

    Just to add to Zetr0's post above, if you would like access to the Recycle Bin, please PM myself or one of the other Moderators.

    Please be aware that there may be a delay in granting access, whilst some checks are carried out, this is normal and is designed to protect the Recycle Bin from trader activity, which could ruin it for us all.

    I hope that you understand and hope that you enjoy the Recycle Bin.

    The future's so Retr0bright, I gotta wear shades.....

    As rkauer said:-
    "Retro computers seems like an orgasm: it is always better to have a real one than fake it".


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