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Abuse / Flaming / trolling in threads - please read

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  • Abuse / Flaming / trolling in threads - please read

    It has been noticed lately that the amount of flame baiting, trolling and abuse of other members on our site is increasing. The Moderators and Administrators have noticed the amount of moderation required to deal with abuse is increasing and we will be taking steps to reverse this trend as of today.

    One member was given a one week ban from AmiBay yesterday for abuse / trolling in threads and being disrespectful towards the Moderators and Administrators.

    We would remind all AmiBay members that membership of our site is a privilege, not an automatic right and that this site is more heavily moderated and policed than other forums, in order that we provide a level of protection to members who buy and sell through Amibay. We pride ourselves in providing a safe haven and a friendly community and we will take steps as necessary to maintain this.

    The Moderators and Administrators will be taking a more pro-active attitude towards trolling, flaming and abuse going forwards and we would urge members to comply with the site rules regarding conduct on AmiBay.


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