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Amiga 500 rev 7 / how rare it is?

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  • Amiga 500 rev 7 / how rare it is?

    I have Amiga 500 with rev 7 mobo. How rare it is?

    Click image for larger version

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    Hi there, The Rev7 is pretty rare in that it was another transition motherboard revision between the A500 and A500+. Mostly they were Rev 6 and Rev 8.

    I think the Rev 7 came with the 1MB RAM on board and a few other minor changes - you may want to take some hi-res photos of the motherboard in a clean state for future reference/discussion!


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      It has 8272 agnus, but only 512kb ram on board.


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        Ah interesting! Thanks for letting me know!


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            O n e intersteing thig is that this rev7 board has a sticker wich says 87/88, when rev 6 board I'm currently use is has 90/91

            So what is time line of these revisions??


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              Also the production date of chip custom is older, it seems a production with timeline aligned to revision 5.
              Maybe Commodore produced revision 6 an 7 after revision 5, the rev. 6 never seen the light and after very few examples of revision 7 marketed they passed to revision 6A (an evolution of rev.6) that is the most common in A500.


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