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    Hello everyone.

    I have always programmed since my ZX81 days. Always basic, bit of HTML and some dabbling with assembly on ZX Spectrum. However, I was starting to get into Blitz Basic just before I sold up my Amiga systems early 2000's. Recently I have been coding using BlitzBasic on PC (which is free). Its great and I have knocked out several games and it really reminds me of the Amiga Blitz.

    Anyway, been looking for Amiga Blitz software and manuals - - <Snip> I am sure I only paid £29.99 back in the day from Acid SW.

    Does anyone know if the software and manuals are available in download as abandonware or anything? I am not fussed in having the original booklet and discs, but they would be ideal (not <Snip>) ideal though!!!
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    I have probably definately forgot more about the Amiga than most people ever knew. I owned 2 A1000 Kickstart disks, mine, and the one my sneaky little brother copied from my hidden one.

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    Comments on prices are a no-no on AmiBay.

    These can be found in the wild - certainly BB2.1 CD is kicking about


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