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Review: PSP Vita

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  • Review: PSP Vita

    This is my first time Review

    I will have to be honest view on what I think of it.

    When I first got hold of PSP Vita and I am impressed that it handle very well.
    The Screen itself is Great and there is no Reflections on screen when you playing the game( wont be seeing yourself like mirror imaging like old psp was!).

    You can go on internet, email, PS Stores where you can get games and videos where you buy them or download demo for try out...

    You can buy PSONE games on PSP Vita and Played Resident Evil or Wipeout which is great!

    There will be more new games coming out from September and onward such Killzone, Tearaway and so on.

    You put Crossover Mode where your PSP Vita games on big TV Screen! Nice

    The Sounds is good as you can turn the volume up or turn the volume down.
    It also got Headphone

    All of it sound good so far but there is downside thought, Start and select button is too small as sometime I struggle to pressed it

    When you put new PSP Game carts in and trying to open seem diffcult sometime and I wish sony made it easy to open like good old psp had before.

    The Memory Card(which is bottom of PSP Vita) seem so hard sometime of getting out and putting in.

    The Batteries life isnt great which last 5 hours but it will get better over the years

    So here Result of PSP VITA

    + GOOD Points

    Good Games Librarys from the net(PSOne,PSP, Indian Games)
    No Reflection Screen( YAY about time! Sony)
    Crossover(when you want PSP VITA on big tv screen)

    - Minus Points

    Start and Select Buttons Too Small
    Diffcult getting Game Slot Open
    Diffcult getting Memory card in and out
    Batteries isnt Great

    Overall Score is 7/10

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    Love the PS Vita, one of the most under rated consoles out there. 10x better than the PSP. I've had no issues with the one I own, easy to use. Memory card/game cards are easy to take in and out and easily last all day if you give it a thrash, will sit on standby for a week if you play a half hour here and there.

    The best mobile console at the moment, will look at getting a Playstation TV so I can try out a few PS Vita games on the big screen


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