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Review: [PC] DiRT 3 (big pictures)

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  • Review: [PC] DiRT 3 (big pictures)

    I got this after playing DiRT 2 to death and was hoping for a much better game. After playing for around a week I came to the conclusion I somehow liked DiRT 2 more. I think one of the issues with DiRT 3 is you have to complete some tracks doing a few tricks and if you don't get the right score/time you are stuck until you do. I do not remember this in DiRT 2 but then again I was mainly online. Now this is not to say DiRT 3 is a bad game, it is a great game but 2 just seems better to me. It does have a very handy system where it can upload clips you make straight to your youtube account.

    DiRT 3 has some very impressive graphics with makes use of DX11 giving it a very nice look. It also sounds very impressive in the engine department, almost getting the sounds down to a T. The aim of the game is pretty simple, you drive around on dirt tracks and tarmac where you come in the race earns you rep and the ability to enter new races with new cars. It features a few game modes as in Head to Head, Circuit, Point to point stages. The game really comes to life online as it has all the above modes and it is just a blast with a few mates. The handling of the cars feels slighty better then DiRT 2 but for some reason as stated above I just prefer DiRT 2.

    Overall this game looks amazing and plays very well, don't get me wrong when I say I prefer DiRT2 this is one great game. Maybe it just does not offer enough of an upgrade over 2. The only problem with DiRT 2 is online is pretty much dead now so to get your DiRT craving online you need DiRT 3 no matter what. This is no Forza or GT but it is a game that is well worth every penny. It also has some a very nice damage system. It has this annoying flashback system that most games seem to have now, you crash you can rewind and take the corner again. I wish these systems would be removed, but then again if you don't like the system just don't use it.

    I would play this game with a 360 pad as I find racing games really hard with keyboard and mouse. It also uses Games For Windows Live so it has 60 achievements up for grabs.

    Few pictures of the game maxed out with DX11, prepare to be impressed with the visuals, plus a couple of youtube links I took just to show its visuals a little.

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    cool, thanks buddy
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      cool, thanks buddy
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