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Review: CoinOps5 for XBOX

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  • Review: CoinOps5 for XBOX

    Righty ho then chaps and chapesses

    what is all this CoinOps malarky we have heard so much about lately?

    well it is a pre-configured collection of emulators and games for the original XBOX, depending on what version you grab (lite, standard or full) will determin the amount of games/videos/emulators you get.

    CoinOps5 has a great front end with a list of sortable games on the left of the screen, the right of the screen shows an arcade cab with the title of the game, the date of release, manufacturer and a running demo of the game (which is great as it gives you a little preview of what type of game it is)

    all in all i love this, great fun and from the little i have tried so far it is very usable and playable, i am surprised how well this old machine manages emulation.

    Systems included are Amiga, Coleco, MegaDrive, MegaCD, Speccy, Nes, Snes, N64, PCE...... and some others i can't remember right now.

    what will you need?

    an original xbox softmodded or chipped and a big hard drive.
    CoinOps5, the full version is a 48gig download (yep 48gig! UG is the clue here)
    an FTP to get the files from your PC to you XBOX.

    what do i have to do?
    download CoinOps5, once you have your 48gig of files, unpack them to a lovely 68gig folder (lol yep 68 gig!!!)

    now hook up your xbox to your network and ftp the CoinOps5 folder into a "Games" folder on your xbox, this took 56 hours on my system

    anyhoo, once all downloaded and ftp'd it is well worth it.

    couple of things i haven't worked out yet so hopefully someone will chip in with the answers.

    1) i can't quit out of a game once it is launched (i have to re-set the XBOX)
    2) i have to use file explorer to lauch CoinOps (it doesn't seem to show up in Games or Emulators)

    i will update this thread later with some pictures.

    cheers, Justin
    Official Amiga Walker

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    Sounds more like a tut than a review, but great stuff still. Thanks
    ^^^ IMHO... Always IMHO ^^^

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      56 hours? it takes 3 here.

      Can i just add that it runs and looks great in 720p?


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        all info is good chap.

        as for the transfer, i don't know if i had something setup wrong, but the FTP was running at about 1/2 meg a second, so 68gig at 1/2 meg a second is......

        so what did you do to get it done in a few hours? what program? what settings?

        if we can make this a less painfull experience for other users we should share the info
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          great review

          remember that exiting back to game selector is easy

          Q - How do I exit a game?

          A - Press START+BACK while playing a game this will take you back to the games selection page
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            Make sure you have passive mode enabled in your XBOX FTP settings, this really speeds things up.
            I used a variety of FTP programs and settled on FLASHFXP, that was the fastest and easiest for me.
            It will differ from Xbox to XBox though, one i did the other day topped out at 6.7 mb/ps whilst my own will hit 9mb/ps

            Thanks Keropi..i too was resetting each time

            Just to add i find transfers a lot faster if the Xbox is plugged into the router directly. If it's plugged into the wireless reciever upstairs which is 150 mb/ps wireless N, it halfs the speed.


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              and here is why i love the reviews section

              thanks guys
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                Originally posted by Justin View Post
                all info is good chap.
                I agree and apologise if I sounded unappreciative - which I am certainly not. I was just expecting a review like in 'what's changed', 'what's good', 'what's bad' sort of thing
                ^^^ IMHO... Always IMHO ^^^

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                  I normally manage to get just under the max 12MB/s transferring via ftp to my 2 Xbox's. They are connected either to a switch or directly to the router. The whole network is Gigabit, including the router and switch. Obviously the Xbox only has 100 Mbit Ethernet and not 1000 Mbit, but you should definitely be getting closer to 10+ MB/s. It is most likely your Ethernet cable that is the issue. Make sure they are Cat5 minimum. Mine are all Cat6 but that isn't even really needed most of the time even for Gigabit. Across other devices I usually get about 96-110.
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                    coinops is a gazillion small files, many many files are just 1-50kb files... in that case you do get a big delay as you are not sending a huge single file... I'd say the time needed to transfer the ~68GB of data is 5 to 6 hours... the package is 21.204 files
                    Aacheron and slk486 are my heroes
                    A1200D mfilos ed. : ACA 1231/42 , Indivision MK2 , IDEfix Express , Subway , PicoPSU 120w custom 3.9 ROM/OS


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                      Would this work with Xbox 360 as well, since Xbox 360's can run some Xbox 1 games? My 360 is Jtag'd so getting the files to a place where they can be executed is not an issue


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                        no sorry it is only for the original xbox
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                          I can quit from a game without resetting.

                          I press start+select to get back to the list. That should work for all except the native xbox games in the list. (can´t exit from halo and outrun 2 without resetting)
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                            regarding having to launch from the file explorer. I've had that a few times and its usually cause the xbe file has a custom name.

                            i.e. on one of the emulators i was using (think it was a megadrive one) the xbe was called something like neogenesis.xbe as soon as i renamed that file to default.xbe and restarted the xbox it then showed up in the list.

                            Could be well off but its worth a check


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                              all i goto figure out is how to add my own games, i would like flashback and a few others added to the amiga section. would be nice to not have to use the keyboard on that game etc all on a gamepad


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