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Win a Amiga 4000D in a tower case delivered to your address of choice

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    Congrats LordDamo
    My YouTube Channel:

    CD32 + TF330, A500+ Vampire V2, A1200D + BPPC/BVision/SCSI2SD, A1200T Black Box + Mediator B1260 + Killer K1 PPC


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      Thanks for the opportunity davideo and Amibay

      Just wanted to thank everyone associated with this competition for the opportunity to win this amazing machine - it's quite an upgrade from my stock standard Amiga 500. Can't wait for this to take pride of place in my Computer room.


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        I've just got caught up with the new posts in this thread.

        So just a little bump so you can see the thanks from LordDamo


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          Unfortunately this is stuck in Customs in Sydney and has been for about a week.

          We've no idea why but we're trying to sort it out.


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            Ok the 4000D has landed and the parcel will be opened yesterday/today.

            I'd like to thank all those that took part and help raise some much needed money for AmiBay.

            A small donation was made to EAB in line with the number of tickets their members purchased.

            A total of £132.57 was raised for AmiBay.

            It was certainly a learning experience and lessons have been learned if this is done again in the future

            Just to reiterate thanks to Tim and all those that took part.


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