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A4000+ Alice motherboard DIY

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  • A4000+ Alice motherboard DIY

    Let me introduce you to the A4000+ Alice rev1 motherboard.
    A4000+ motherboard is based on the Amiga 4000cr motherboard designed by Commodore.

    I have been thinking for a while to do some Amiga hardware and decided to start with a relatively easy but laborious task, an Amiga 4000cr motherboard.
    I didn't have a blank A4000cr motherboard PCB nor any high-resolution pictures of a blank PCB, so I had to layout the A4000+ PCB completely manually.
    I used a fully working A4000cr motherboard as a reference.
    The PCB dimensions and all component locations, hole locations, hole diameters, solder pad dimensions, component silkscreens, etc. of the A4000cr motherboard were manually measured and transferred to the PCB design software.
    I draw the line at the PCB traces, those I didn't attempt to mimic from the original A4000cr board.
    The PCB traces of the A4000+ were fully manually routed (which too ages).
    The result is a quite close replica of the original A4000cr motherboard.

    Here are a few pictures of the blank PCB.

    A few pictures of the board being assembled.

    Pictures of the finished board.

    A4000+ motherboard being mounted in the Amiga 4000D case.

    A4000+ motherboard fully working.

    A screenshot of the designed PCB.

    Link to the photo gallery:
    A4000+ Alice motherboard

    The next motherboard that I'm working on will be something completely different.

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    Wow, thats amazing! Great work!
    Will it release for puplic?


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      Amazing stuff!


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        Excelent work !!
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          All I can say is wow.. That is some serious work.
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              Really good work.


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                Good work!!
                Will they come available for sale ?


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                  Btw. On board CPU is full 68030 and WhichAmiga screen EC030 - CPU is China fake?

                  Regards, Sveta


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                    Wow mate, you did an excellent job!!!
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                      Tremendous work!
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                        Great stuff! What's the next step design-wise? Could we see support for more onboard RAM, more Zorro slots etc?


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                          Originally posted by fabbie54 View Post
                          Great stuff! What's the next step design-wise? Could we see support for more onboard RAM, more Zorro slots etc?
                          Agree with @fabbie54 for more On board RAM upgrade like the mod that allows 64mb of fast ram to be seen (not sure if this conflicts with some CPU Boards though) but this is a 4000D design motherboard so the amount of Zorro slots is governed by the Case size & Daughterboard or Busboard fitted.

                          @Hese some amazing engineering here well done
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                            excellent job!!!
                            I believe that all my knowledge can be put on a floppy 880kb!!!


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