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AA3000+ Amiga 3000 AGA motherboard

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  • AA3000+ Amiga 3000 AGA motherboard

    Here is a project I've been working on for the past six months.

    AA3000+ Motherboard

    AA3000+ is an Amiga 3000 AGA motherboard based on the Commodore AA3000 schematics with some improvements and extra features that were missing from the original AA3000 motherboard, such as the scandoubler / flicker fixer.

    The specifications of the AA3000+ motherboard are:
    - Amiga 3000 motherboard with AGA chipset
    - on-board 68030 PGA CPU and 68881/68882 PLCC FPU running at 25MHz
    - DSP processor (AT&T DSP3210)
    - CPU slot for A3000/A4000 accelerators
    - 16MB Fast RAM using two SIMM modules (no expensive ZIP RAM chips needed)
    - 2MB Chip RAM (no expensive ZIP RAM chips needed)
    - extended Fast RAM support (up to 64MB?, work in progress)
    - extended Kickstart ROM support up to 4MB
    - on-board full 24bit AGA scandoubler / flicker fixer
    - support for two external video inputs (for example a graphics card and another scandoubler such as Indivision AGA)
    - monitor switch between the video inputs, similar to Ratte monitor switch (controllable by software or external switch)
    - 23-pin DSUB port for native Amiga RGB video output
    - 15-pin VGA port for graphics card or scandoubled / native Amiga RGB video output
    - 2x stereo audio RCA jack
    - SCSI-II controller (50-pin internal port, 50-pin DSUB external port)
    - 880kB / 1.76MB Amiga floppy drive port (34-pin internal port, 23-pin DSUB external port)
    - 2x 9-pin DSUB Amiga mouse/joystick ports
    - 5-pin DIN Amiga keyboard port
    - 25-pin DSUB serial port
    - 25-pin DSUB parallel port
    - battery backed up clock
    - 2x power connectors for fans (1x +5V fan, 1x +12V fan)

    Pictures of the motherboard PCB:

    Assembled AA3000+ motherboard:

    AA3000+ Firebird Daughterboard

    I have also designed a daughterboard for the AA3000+, called the Firebird.
    The Firebird has support for 3.3V and 5V PCI cards, the PCI support is based on the Prometheus PCI bridge by Matay.

    The specifications of the Firebird daughterdboard are:
    - 3x PCI slots (3.3V and 5V cards)
    - 4x Zorro III slots
    - 1x AGA video slot

    Picture of the Firebird PCB:

    Assembled Firebird daughterboard:

    AA3000+ ready to use

    The picture gallery.

    The motherboard is working otherwise but the extended Fast RAM support is still work in progress and requires me to do another revision of the motherboard.

    If you have some features that you would like to be included to the next motherboard revision, please let me know.

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    Great work!


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      Wow! This is a realy amazing work! Great!


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        It took me a moment to realize. You’ve done something great.



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          Oh my god that's brilliant.


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            Absolute madness!


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              What was once large-scale production company-only territory in the 90s, is now done by motivated, and highly-skilled Amiga users today.

              Supercali..! Supercalifrag..! Nvm; Just amazing stuff!! My credit card and its limit wants one of these so bad.

              Do I see a sparkle in the eye of Dave Haynie?

              N.B.: These boards NOT dedicated to Medhi Ali or Irving Ghoul. lol
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                Holy crap, great work!


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                  Janne! I can't believe it!!!


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                    Speechless as i may be with your work, i have 2 questions:
                    1. Will it support AMIX?
                    2. Can the new daughterboard be used on a regular A3000 mobo?

                    Great work dude!


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                      Amazing work. Curious about what case it fits in (3000?). Maybe Stephen Jones could get this to fit in his Checkmate case.


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                        Oh my God!


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                          8 Bit Dreams - computer & hardware repair in Germany


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                            great work!!! really appreciate this!

                            just a few questions regarding the daughterboard:
                            - the original-mountings can not be used? i mean the small little plastic holders
                            - why was the power-connector placed on the right corner? .. the cables from the original powersupply are not that long

                            - - - Updated - - -

                            Originally posted by hese View Post
                            If you have some features that you would like to be included to the next motherboard revision, please let me know.
                            hmm.. would it be possible to include the ICY-I2C extension to that board? i really got used to have I2C inside the amiga (for temperature-sensors, displays, voltage-sensor...)
                            one of the a1k-users developed a replacement daughterboard for the A3000/AA3000 where this expansion is included..

                            - - - Updated - - -

                            another feature-request:
                            maybe add an IDE-port to the pcb .. scsi devices are hard to find ... or maybe we can have a build in SCSI2SD adapter?


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                              Simply amazing.
                              I imagine it's a drop-in replacement for the original A3000 motherboard?
                              Any chance for a ATX power connector? And for a ATX form factor?


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