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  • Amiga 3000 custom case

    I would like to share with you my recent project. After creating a few custom cases (A500, A600, A2000 and A4000) the time came to turn my attention to the Amiga 3000.
    I know that the Amiga 3000 is widely considered to be the most beautiful model, so please be gentle with feedback. Purpose of my project is to provide reliable, practical and sturdy solution for those without a case.
    I would like to thank:
    S├ębastien Godbille for encouragement and support,
    John Hertell for help with acquiring dead A3000 motherboard,
    Francis Bernier for providing a replica daughterboard,
    Hese for providing dimensions for FireBird.

    Instead of writing a long description I have annotated the attached images. Please have a good look.
    Price of this case will be in region of 350GBP (painted, bare case with brackets and most screws) (FDD extension hub, DB9 and DIN5 extensions are optional at extra cost) plus packaging and postage (and possible customs charges).
    I know that the price is intimidating, but please understand that this is not mass produced. I do it in my spare time and I can produce 1-2 pieces per month.

    More pictures here:

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    State of the Art, mate.
    Well done!
    Next is the Amiga 1000 ?
    Proud owner of all existing models of Amiga except A3000T...
    By the way, anyone has a A3000T for sale?


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      Amazing !
      A4000D - A3640 rev.2
      A4000D modding in Big Case - Work on progress


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        That looks fantastic my friend... A real work of art!


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          If it wasnt so far away from me I would love to get one of these! Very nice!!!
          -Acill (Paul R. Rezendes)
          Proud member of the Amiga community since 1985!


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            Your case designs are a work of art, they are so beautiful. I was wondering have you or planned to do a 4000T case?


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