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Guide: How to burn a Custom Kickstart 3.9 (incl. 1MB ROM)

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  • Sorry to drag up an old thread but I attempting to burn my own custom rom using a 1mb 27c800 for my A600 following the guide by mfilos.

    I see that the Graphics.library 42.8b11, romheader_45.21 etc have been removed by cosmos so what are the best alternatives available at this time?


    • Originally posted by mfilos View Post
      Hi mate and thanks for the nice comments.
      First of all you aren't telling us what system you are using for the ROMS so I guess it's the A1200 I see on your signature

      The custom ROM you're making is 1MB (one normal 512KB file and one extended 512KB file). Of course these 2 files need to be combined and not used individualy through Remus 1MB ROM Arexx script.

      Since you're using an 27C800 as you said, you're getting a total of 2MB ROM size (2x 1MB Banks) as opposed to 27C400 that is 512KB alas you're having a correct 1MB ROM (2x 512KB banks).
      So... you'd need to double the HI and LO images (since they are 512KB in size) before burning them or else the Kickstart won't work. To double these images, the easiest way is to use the DOS Command Prompt like this:
      C:> copy kick_a1200.rom.hi /B+kick_a1200.rom.hi /B kick_a1200_1MB.rom.hi /B
      C:> copy kick_a1200.rom.lo /B+kick_a1200.rom.lo /B kick_a1200_1MB.rom.lo /B
      That way you created 2 new files (kick_a1200_1MB.rom.hi and kick_a1200_1MB.rom.lo) which now you can burn to the 27C800 EPROMS just fine
      Thanks for posting this.. helped me figure out what was going wrong..

      Are you able to give any insight into how Phipscube set up rom switch on his A1200D?

      I have the same chips as him but can't fins any schematics or info on how to structure the roms to allow for this.
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      • Hi,
        Thanks Mario for this guide, it is one of the most useful documents that have been done lately for the AMIGA world.

        I want to comment on that behavior I have observed when incorporating Poseidon files into my A2000 ROM, and I do not like it (I have also seen it with the eFLASH4000 of elbox that I have in my A4000D.

        If we run Snoopdos from the earlystartup, we see that continuously that Ramlib is looking for the muimaster.library in LIBS: ???

        The files that are loaded in the eFlash as well as in the ROM of 1MB:


        Someone could have seen the same thing?, Any way to avoid this?, It does not look very good.

        If we do:
        assign LIBS: Sys:mui/libs

        I see activity in Snoopdos, it begins to load all the libraries of MUI and a considerable mess is mounted.

        For the moment i delete the USB stack from the ROM in A2000 and eFlash memory in A4K and the problem is gone, i think it does not compensate this "hidden activity"
        for the little use that I give to having the USB present in the boot.
        Best Regards,
        Jose A.


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