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Photos from the Kent Gaming/Retro day 1-2-14

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    Last ones from me!

    The last photo is of the trades I took home that day!!!
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      Nice pics phil
      Gone but not forgotten. RIP John.


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        Great pictures...!

        We should have used that big screen more!

        What about some split screen racing up on that big screen next time?
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          Great Idea Peter ..... Also Great Piccys Phil
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            Hey guys, I thought I replied to this thread whilst I was away, it mustn't have stuck as I had pretty poor Internet in the Hotel, like Dial up lol

            Thanks for posting all the pics, and nice bits you picked up NES4Life

            @Peter I intend to run some comps on the big screen but never got round to it, the SWOS tournament kind of took over!

            Maybe next time we can use it more, I meant to set up a table and chairs and my fight sticks.
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              Nice !


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                I had the SuperCup Football table-top game. One of the goalies movement thingy became a little stiff so I decided to open it up and see if I could see why. Ended up turning it over without the screws being in place and the whole inner workings came out all over the kitchen table. Promised myself that I'd put it back together one day so I've still got all of it in an old ice-cream tub. Must be up to a hundred rods and cogs and plastic bits.


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                  others vanished
                  Gone but not forgotten. RIP John.


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                    Originally posted by johnim View Post
                    Thanks for posting these. I was just thinking about that day last week. Was indeed a great gathering and good to get to know everyone.


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