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Delfina Flipper in E/BOX tower

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  • Delfina Flipper in E/BOX tower

    Hello everyone.

    I'd like to share with you my solution with fitting Delfina Flipper in A 1200 E/BOX Tower.
    Two different ways, one with mediator, another one with zorro Z IV.
    Maybe someone did it different way?

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    Finally I got a longer ribbon for clock port. Because I was not fully happy of my first solution, I have relocated delfina to another place. It is obviously about zorro Z IV clock port connection.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_0020.jpg
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Name:	DSC_0022.jpg
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      IMHO I think it’s better suited with The Zorro ZIV busboard build, your able to buy the Mediator TX a get a cheap PCI sound card to do the AHI unlike the rarer Zorro sound cards

      Big fan of the Zorro ZIV I also have the Mediator attachment too which makes it a phenomenal bit of kit

      Nice layout to I like how it’s tucked away under the busboard
      Got too many Amigas, Think I gotta problem


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        I have two SB 128 for both my mediators SX and TX. But delfina allow you to decode and play MP3 files without CPU usage.

        I am big fan od Zorro ZIV too I own 3 boards, but still looking for at least one mediator board for ZIV.

        And, IMHO, Fast ATA for ZIV is much better solution than the one for A1200 board.


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