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Two things: WildVision PaletteMate for BBC Micro, and ARM Evaluation Unit CoProcessor

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  • Wanted Two things: WildVision PaletteMate for BBC Micro, and ARM Evaluation Unit CoProcessor

    Hi everyone,

    I stupidly made a post in the 'Acorn Hardware For Sale' forum, because there were a bunch of 'Wanted' posts there. Then I realised that this was the correct place to put 'wanted' threads.

    I'm looking for two very obscure pieces of hardware for the Acorn BBC/Master range. If anyone has either one sitting around, please please let me know!

    - A WildVision PaletteMate.
    - An ARM Evaluation System CoProcessor.

    For what it's worth, I don't want these just to put on a shelf, I have plans to make a demo that 'could' have existed over 30 years ago ... ie, it will run on the original hardware ... but uses some modern demo-making techniques. Basically pushing the good ol' Beeb to its limit!


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    Bump. No kind souls out there with either of these items sitting unused? I would dearly love to get hold of either one for demo creation purposes!


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      Sprow has a simillar Arm co-pro board for sale thru his webpage here:

      Can't help any with the WildVision PaletteMate I'm afraid.
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        Thanks very much! I'm only after the original ARM1 in the ARM Evaluation unit, because I want to do some software development specifically for that CPU! Sadly they seem to be very rare these days.


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          Not that I hold out much hope, but a quick thread bump just in case anyone out there has a WildVision Palettemate or ARM Eval System sitting on a shelf somewhere...


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            Been over half a year, time for a thread bump? Who knows, perhaps somebody who's recently joined has one of these sitting on their shelf...


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