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A4000 keyboard, 100% functional and clean

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  • Found A4000 keyboard, 100% functional and clean

    Hello Amiga friends,
    Back in the Amiga world since 2012 (A500, A1000, A1200), but only since today the first bigbox Amiga, a classic A4000D .
    Unfortunately I am still missing a classic A4000 keyboard .
    I'm looking for a 100% functional, nice and clean A4000 keyboard.
    I would be very happy and grateful for any offers.

    Thanks and best regards,
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    I'm still looking for it. Does not have to be 100% clean .
    Grateful for any tip.
    Thanks and best regards, Ivan


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      If you don't mind an AZERTY one I probably can dig on up. It's probably functional but due age they all need a new membrane sooner or later
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        Hi Simon.
        That sounds promising. Thank you very much.
        Communication with PM is in progress ...


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          Deal with tbtorro . All perfect. 100% positiv
          Below the rating / feedback: Summary -> totally recommended.
          The package arrived perfectly .
          Thank you very much, also for the very good and safe packaging.
          The keyboard I could not yet test (hopefully on the weekend), but visually it is a dream, absolutely as good as new.
          I wish you all the best and continue to enjoy Amiga.
          Good health and kind regards,
          @admins @admin : FOUND, please close the thread.
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